Manufacturing Policies

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Almec Manufacturing Policies 2020.

Environmental Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Quality Policy Statement

Quality Policy.

Almec Manufacturing will endeavour at all times to uphold its reputation of being a quality supplier of products and services within the engineering field. We passionately believe that delivering quality, health & safety and environmental best practice is fundamental to the success of the company.

It is the policy of Almec Manufacturing to continually meet and exceed customers’ requirements whilst maintaining profitably, therefore ensuring the organizations future prosperity. To achieve this aim we have adopted a policy to establish, maintain and develop an effective Quality Management system based on the requirements of ISO9001:2015 Standards.

The system is not limited by this standard and in addition, through programs of continuous improvement, in which all employees are required to participate, the system will continually be reviewed and improved.

It is the responsibility of each individual employee to fully understand and comply with the company policy in the most effective way. Practical assistance and training will be given to ensure the relevant knowledge and experience as acquired to successfully increase his or her standard of workmanship. Our training policy is to ensure that our people at all levels are suitably qualified and trained for the tasks that they are required to undertake by providing ongoing training and educational program’s.

With the assistance contributed by the Quality Team Members, the Quality Management Representative (QMR) is responsible for developing, implementing, monitoring, and maintaining the system in compliance with this Quality Policy Statement.

Almec Manufacturing will not compromise the integrity of it’s products and services in an attempt to satisfy short term goals. We are committed to long-term growth, financial stability and continuous upliftment of our employees and will achieve this by utilizing a business approach that takes into account the needs of all our stakeholders and which encompasses an attitude of ‘Quality First’. Almec will determine measurable quality objectives during management reviews.